Saturday, May 15, 2010

dearly beloved...

I am in Athens, Georgia. It is hot and humid, and there is a rumble of excitement as a handful of Northerners are scuttering about this charming southern town in their finery trying to find their way to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. My sister and her Long-time guy are getting married today. There is a relative amount of family drama going on, but mostly, everyone is gathered here to wish them both the best and show their support. There is also a lot of drinking going on, and eating, (not so much dancing), but mostly love, good cheer, and well wishing.

My sister has been through hell this past year. And her betrothed has been there right next to her the whole way. It can't have been easy. He is a good guy and, although she and I have had our differences in the past, this last year we've become closer than we've been since we were children.

Of course, I personally question why anyone would choose to publicly join in matrimony now, when so much recent attention has been brought to the fact that millions are legally forbidden to do so (ahem, like me). But today I'm setting my politics, my opinions, and my feelings aside, and showing up for my sister. I may not be celebrating their union in the same way that others are, but I'm showing up, suiting up (literally), and shutting up, and offering my support to them both in any way that I can.

May they be blessed with years of health and happiness.