Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bird is the word

I haven't written anything here in quite a while. Anytime I think to make a blog entry I feel like I should be spending time with school work instead. "I've got things to read and papers to write".

I've been going through a big transitional period. New people, new feelings, new behavior. Not all of it is easy but I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm feeling rather fragile and I'm not quite sure how to express the simultaneous feelings of hopefulness, gratitude and fragility.

I'm not really all that stressed about Thanksgiving this year. I'm doing everything I can to ensure that it'll be a low key event. I do realize that I'm powerless over the outcome of any given situation and that any number of calamities could create holiday upset but from where I'm sitting right now it looks as if this Thanksgiving will be relatively drama free.

I'm borrowing a neighbors car and I'm driving up to my dad's house with two friends and a little dog named Mojo. This morning
I went out and got all the fixins for a good holiday meal: butternut squash, leeks, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, herbs etc... Pop got the turkey last week. He drove up to the country this morning and brought Zeke with him.

It'll be a couple of days of food, friends and quiet country life. The only wrench that could be thrown in the works is my father's unpredictable behavior and attitude. I'll pray for tolerance, patience and kindness, my friends will act as buffers and everything will go according to God's will. Giving up my will will be the challenge. Day after day giving up my will is the challenge.

Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done.

Does it ever get any easier?


Carlos said...

Family Guy makes it a little easier. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Jeff.

Ilene said...

You are my inspiration. I've been "contemplating" how my HP can restore me to sanity because I'm following instructions. By god..IT WORKS! I can't fix anybody...I don't have to react...I don't need to be led by fear. That's all so far. If I can stay with these things, I can tolerate...nay, even enjoy...family gatherings. You're my family now, Jeff.
Love you, Ilene

Suzanne said...

Hi Jeffy,
I've been wishing more than usual that I could just hang out with you lately, especially noticing the fragile feeling you've been experiencing. Transitions are always like that, though, aren't they? I hope you had a sweet and undramatic T-Day (and that Dickie behaved himself)! I know the food was delicious, if you had anything to do with it. Love,Suzanne