Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I loved all games and fairy tales
As strangely odd as that may seem

I loved firelight and witches' tales
You see, you were there in my dreams

You leaped buildings in single bounds
Although I well may ask you how

You bayed the moon just like a hound

I knew I adored you now

You laced the night with raging storms
You threw lightning 'cross the skies

You kissed my mouth with promises
You burned me with your lies

You loved me like a poet loves
My nights were made of stars and fears

Thinking that you would go away

And leave me with only my tears

I loved the towns where we made love
And the hotels where we played games
You thought I'd never live it down
Yet you see, I've forgotten your name

(Jaques Brel translated from french)

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