Thursday, September 9, 2010

back to school

I haven't been very active with the blog this summer. It's not been for any lack of interesting topics, I've just been enjoying some down-time before the next semester starts. Of course, I've considered posting my personal responses to the lunatic antics of the tea party candidates Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer and the reprehensible and racist SB-1070 bill that she signed into law, Katrina's five year anniversary, U.S. troops leaving Iraq, the lower Manhattan, Islamic Cultural Center of New York (aka the Ground Zero Mosque), or more recently, the crazy, wing-nut pastor in Florida who's planning a much hyped Quran burning. But I've resisted simply in the name of sloth.

Today I went to school and had my first meeting with an adviser concerning the coming semester. My schedule isn't going to be very heavy with classroom time this term, but it does look like I'm going to have to do a lot of self-motivated writing. I'll also be taking a documentary photography class, so in addition to going to photo exhibits around town and documenting my responses to them, I'm expected to take photographs. This Saturday, the ninth anniversary of 9-11, I'm going to take my camera and go see what kind of madness I can witness and digitally capture at the location of the proposed Islamic center (If I have success with my photo documentary endeavors, I might post some here).

In addition to the photography class, I'll also be taking Spanish (perhaps just a tad more useful than the German I took a number of years ago), and a three day residency on theater, HIV, and community health. The theater/HIV residency is being led by a woman who's gone to Africa and done theater pieces in an attempt to educate communities about HIV/AIDS.

It seems like it should be an interesting fall term, and as I get reacquainted with my writing voice, I'll hopefully be a little more active with my blog postings.

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