Thursday, October 4, 2012

stormin' mormon

No doubt about it - they're partying on planet Kolob this morning. Last night's debate was painful. While the President brought his usual reserved cool demeanor and a plenitude of facts to backup his arguments, Romney was aggressive, passionate, animated, even shouty - steamrolling and bullying Jim Lehrer (Gwen Ifill wouldn't have put up with that shit from mean ol' Daddy Warbucks). Unfortunately the President's calm read as detached and academic while Elder Romey's bellicosity clearly indicated that he'd done his homework and, facts-be-damned, he was ready to rumble. The lies freely bubbled forth from the man in the magic underpants with seemingly little rebuttal. Where was the mention of the 47 percent? Bain? Outsourcing? Tax-returns? Cayman island accounts? It's not like there's not an abundance of Romey's own puke piles to rub his face in. This whole temperate professor thing ain't gonna work, Mr. President! 

I have to trust that the President and his army of advisers are seasoned political animals and are way smarter than me. I'm not a boxing fan, but I do understand what a rope-a-dope strategy is. What I'm hoping is that this first debate was setting a sober and Presidential tone for Obama, and that he'll use the next two debates as opportunities to surgically open his opponent's jugular by exposing his lies and his utter contempt for workers and the middle class.  

I confess I'm more than a little nervous here. If Willard actually wins this thing, the full-fledged dismantling of our democracy will have commenced.

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